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Korean Focus Cincinnati

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One of our Korean school parents has Korean costumes for boys' and girls' first birthday celebration. Any of your members is welcome to rent it for taking a picture of their child with the Korean outfits on.  I believe $5.00 is being asked for dry cleaning purpose.   Anyone interested in can get in touch with Mrs. Haire at 367-1215.   
Parents Helping Parents seminars
Jane Brown Adult Workshop and Playshops for Children
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Korean Focus-Cincinnati  is a support organization for families with children from Korea.  We provide families touched by Korean adoption with information and programs on Korean culture and the adoption experience.

Membership is open to anyone involved with Korean adoptions, and those persons wishing to support Korean adoptions.


Presidents Scott & Alice Souders
Treasurer Cathy Gambone
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Newsletter  |  Playgroup Schedule  |  Calendar  |   Gallery  |   Links