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Korean Focus Cincinnati

Chusok Festival”

Celebration of the Harvest Moon





Chusok ("fall evening") is a Korean "Harvest Moon" (Han-gawi) festival set on the 15th day of the eighth lunar moon. Chusok, also known as the Korean Thanksgiving or Mid-Autumn Festival, is one of the most celebrated Korean holidays. It occurs during the harvest season. Thus, Korean families take this time to thank their ancestors for providing them with rice and fruits.

The celebration starts on the night before Chusok and ends on the day after the holiday. Thus, many Korean families take three days off from work to get together with family and friends.

The celebration starts with a family get-together at which rice cakes called "Songphyun" are served. These special rice cakes are made of rice, beans, sesame seeds, and chestnuts. Then the family pays respect to ancestors by visiting their tombs and offering them rice and fruits. The Koreans visit the graves of their ancestors to bow and clean the area for the coming winter. In the evening, children wear their favorite hanbok (traditional Korean clothing) and dance under the bright moon in a large circle. They play games and sing songs. Like the American Thanksgiving, Chusok is the time to celebrate the family and give thanks for their blessings.

Community activities include masked dance, Kanggangsuwollae, an ancient circle dance, tug-of-wars and the tortoise game, kobuk-nori, in which two men dress as a tortoise and tour the villagedancing and performing for food and drink. Most of all, Ch'usok is a time to give thanks for the autumn harvest and reaffirm familial and community ties.”( english/doc/2001-09/11/ )

Any volunteers for the tortoise game?

Let’s join together, to celebrate our own Korean-American family, KFC.


Where:  Niederman Family Farm (Same as last year)

5110 Lesourdsville-West Chester Rd.

Hamilton, Ohio

Phone:  779-6184 (in case you get lost)

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Time:  Saturday, October 15th, 2005

          Come as early as you like, but KFC Festivities will begin at 5:30.

        5:30  Free Time.  Park and then pay for tickets at the main gate.  Ask for the KFC area.  Use this time to go to the petting zoo, corn maze and have a snack.

          6:00  Gather back at the KFC area for some fun, maybe Tug-O-                  War, Korean Style

        6:30  Hayride

        7:00  Bonfire  S’mores, songs, stories and snacks

 (bring chairs and flashlights),


Tickets:  You will buy your tickets when you arrive, but please R.S.V.P. so we know how many to expect.  Choose the package that fits you:

*****Children five and under are ……….can you believe it – FREE!

$7.50 – Unlimited access to the corn maze and one ride on the hay wagon.

$6.00 – Corn maze only.

$3.00 – Hayride only.

$2.00 – Entrance only, no activities included except spending time with our group at the bonfire.

There is also a paintball field and rental equipment for those of you are daring!  Check the website for details.  Maybe some of our teenagers and wild adults may have a run at it.


Bring:  Snacks for kids/adults (if your last name begins with A-L)

     Drinks for kids/adults, (if your last name begins with M-Z)

    Chairs and Flashlights


RSVP:  Amy Martin Elfner Prefer email at Specify # of children and adults.  Hope you all can make it!


Rain-out:  An email will be posted on the yahoo newsgroup if cancellation is needed.  If   you are unsure, call Kristen Smith or Amy Martin Elfner


Directions:  I-275 to I-75 North.  Take exit 19, turning left onto Union Centre Boulevard.            Turn right onto 747/Princeton Glendale Rd.  Turn right onto Kyles Station Rd.  Turn left           onto Lesourdsville-West Chester Rd.  If you get lost, the phone number is 779-6184

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Chusok Websites: (a journal entry from a bike tour in Korea.  Click on the photo for a beautiful scene, a family paying respect to their ancestors) (a brief description of Chusok) a sampling of gifts carried in stores for family members to take to their families during Chusok

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